Glazed Lemon Cookies (Lemon OG x Emerald City Cookies) 10 Regs


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8-9 Weeks

Medium -Tall Height

Medium Yield- Extremely high Quality!

5 in stock



Enjoy sweet Lemon tones that carry over to the taste even after exhaling. Huge vigorous growers, with many thick, dense, trichome covered colas wrapped in a bright orange blanket of hairs, with dark green, purple and orange leaves towards the end. The lemons terpenes shine through with a good cure with some having pungent earthy terps along with the lemon. Some phenos are medium with large trichome covered thick nugs and some are tall with typical cookie structure and density. Each are huge and very vigorous growers. This is a very tastey cultivar that is sure to please!

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Weight 3 g
Dimensions .1 × .1 × .1 in

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