GTA (Galactic Tahoe x Astrodawg) 10 Regs


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8-9 Weeks

Medium Height

Med-Heavy Yield

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GTA has a strong pungent Tahoe OG Kush flavor, followed by a complex metallic chem finish which you won’t lose on the exhale! Reports have been described as cherry gas (inherited by our Astrodawg stud) piney, earthy, spicy, and fruity pebbles.

This cross of Galactic Tahoe and our terpene Rich Astrodawg male, with their very strong genetics, has produced very solid, stable offspring with a powerful terpene profile. GTA is easy to grow, not finicky and produces stacked, dense, resinous buds and beautiful colors. It’s a medium to heavy yielder and doesn’t stretch much. Her smoke is VERY strong as well. GTA is just an all around powerhouse!

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