Arctic Grape (Purple Urkle x Emerald City Cookies) 10 Regs


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8-9 Weeks

Medium Height

Mediu Yield

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Arctic grape is a beautiful plant. It’s a medium to heavy yielder with chunky dense rock-hard, trichome covered colas and terpene profiles off the chart.
All have shades of purple frost covered buds with reports of pungent creamy grape, cookie dough, Creamsicle, lemon Starburst, gas, extremely tart and pungent tropical skittles, killer spicy sour fruit, musky funk and hash aromas that carry over to the smoke. Pungent and strong are words we hear quite a bit! It has a very strong killer enjoyable stone.

” My Arctic Grape keeper is a beast. She has a really funky terpene profile that is spicy pepper, lemon cleaner, cookie dough and moldy socks. The smoke is very similar to her scent with the peppery spice front and center, tickling your nose on the inhale. She hits the brain like a chemdawg at first with a racy High that will make you squirm until she drops you off a cliff into a sea of relaxation. I’ve had insomnia most of my life and this flower has nearly erased my sleeping issues.”

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