B.T.Y.C. (Better Than Your OG x Emerald City Cookies) 10 Regs


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BTYC= Better Than Your Cookies!!

8 Weeks

Medium-Heavy Yield

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An OG cookie cross that yields! We’re talking Gassy fire! This one goes to the next level with Terps! There’s a million cookie crosses out there right now and our favorites always have that gas! There are also reports of nutty, berry, and cakey Kush. Straight gas and stanky pungent funk and it holds on to the cookie dominant structure. We love the structure with its upward branching and less interior growth which equals less labor and trimming! Very oily, with layers of juicy, trichome heavy buds and very vigorous.

BTYC is easy to trim, easy to grow, a heavy yielder, with a massive coating of trichs, and it’s a heavy-hitter with a very strong powerful high! We feel better than your cookies really is better….. It has it all!

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Weight 3 g
Dimensions .1 × .1 × .1 in

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