Tropsanto (GMO x Tropicanna Cookies ) 12 REGS


Flowering Time: 68-77 Days

Terp Lovers Dream!!!!!

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Tropsanto is a F1 hybrid of the highest order. Combining the Sativa dominant GMO aka Garlic Cookies to our indica dominant Tropicanna Cookies male has resulted in a super vigorous, fat calyx stacking beast of a plant. Growers can expect extreme aromas of garlic, cookie dough and cinnamon and unlike momma, dark purple colors in some and a flower time of 70 days in almost all. Although this plant can be extremely stretchy, she responds well to training and is adaptable to many styles of growing. This like all our strains, is particularly well suited to hash making. Tropsanto excels in solventless hash yields and quality: well suited to hash making especially water hash.

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