Tropicanna Cookies F2 (GSC x Tangie) 12 REGS


Flowering Time: 56-65 Days

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Tropicanna Cookies is a unique hybrid, created by combining the Girl Scout Cookies Forum cut and our Tangie male. Everything that male touched was a standout and Trop cookies and her sisters have become legendary in our camp and abroad. We combined our elite purple keeper cut (MTNtrop) with our cookie dominant Tropicanna cookies F1 male and the result is progeny that finishes 70 days or less, Dark colors and flavor on a level most people are unused to. Strong flavors of oranges, cinnamon and sugar to be expected as well as a deep, purple color. The effects of this strain are often compared to coffee and frequently described as uplifting and motivational. This plant is very stretchy in flower and packs on weight past week 6. She requires almost no defoliation and is a breeze to trim. The concentrates of this plant are truly elite and unique in both flavor and color. This variety is one of the Crown Jewels in the ONI kingdom for good reason and is here to stay.

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