Summer Sunset OG (Purple Hindu Kush x Lemon Larry OG) 10 REGS



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Summer Sunset OG
Purple Hindu Kush x Lemon Larry OG
Limonene, Linalool, beta-Carophyllene
Relaxing chest and body high with mint kush and earthy gas flavor.  Very high in Limonene.  The Kush and OG powerhouses combine to make this one of our most powerful cultivars.  Tests upwards of 27% THC with 36% total cannabinoids
Growing info-
One of our best and most resilient producers.  Very large yields of dense, pungent, trichome laden colas.  This is our top choice for gardens with plant count limits.  Very resistant to pathogens and pests.  Incredibly sticky cola stacking and structure.  Harvest outdoor at 42.0 latitude October 10-20.
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