Straw-Picanna (Strawberry Banana x Tropicanna Cookies) 12 REGS


Flowering Time: 63-70 Days

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Strawpicanna is a combination of what we think are two of the best tasting cannabis varieties on earth. The famous Boulder Colorado “14er cut” of Strawnana was used in this cross and it delivers almost unbelievable flavors of strawberries and cream or strawberry milk. When combined with our Tropicanna Cookies F1 male, the result is a hyper vigorous, sativa dominant hybrid of the highest order. This strain is truly for the flavor connoisseurs of the cannabis world. She is very stretchy but is easily trained and loves being topped and pinched. Strawpicanna is so vigorous it can be annoying as it will outgrow other strains in your garden quickly so be advised. She shouldn’t take longer than 70 days total in flower and will be mostly purple. These parents are both Queen bees in terms of extract capability and are already winning awards in hash competitions around the world.

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