Smoothie 5 FEMS


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Juicy Terps

A creamy berry sorbet blended with ripe mangoes, like an escape to a tropical island. Refreshing and packed with flavor, Smoothie Auto is a cocktail of fruity madness.

Perfect height and width.

Potential for big growth with LST. It focuses its energy on forming a thick bulbous main cola while developing a few side branches. Mature plants typically reach between 60-110cm. In a fast and furious 8-9 weeks you’ll be ready to harvest plenty of fat sticky flavor country buds.

Suited for small and large spaces alike due to its indica structure and trainability. A great candidate for SOG method as well. Microgrowers take note this strain is a very tasty option.

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THC  Very High
Harvest  XL
CBD  Low
Height  80-110 cm
Flowering  9 weeks
Room    Indoor/Outdoor
Gender   Feminized
Genetics   Sativa/Indica
Genetics   Somango x Blueberry
Autoflowering   Yes


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