Scooby Snacks (Platinum Cookies x Face Off OG BX1)


Flowering Time: 9 Weeks

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The original platinum Bay Area cookies cut crossed to the Face Off. The original Platinum Cookies was almost an OGKB doppleganger. With semi-mutated leaves that straigtened out with good fertilizer regimen, this particular Girl Scout Cookie phenol is likely one of the earliest bagseed finds that really nailed the flavour. By far one of the best distributed Bay Area Cookie clones we’ve seen, she’s a real treat watch grow, even if she’s a little slower than some. The extra wait is all worth it for the quality in the end, dank beautiful spears of extra skunky doughy cookie funk, with a few showing purple incensed butter cookie flavours that leaves your tastes buds dancing and your fingers rolling up another joint.

Weight 8 g
Dimensions .25 × .25 × .25 in


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