Rainbow Belts (Zkittles R-BX1) 6 FEMS/Pack


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25-28% THC

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A special Moonbow F1 female was selected from a population of 200, for her stable sexual orientation, wonderful color, OG-Like potency, bud structure, and a wonderful Zkittlez dominant potpourri purple Zkittles candied lime sugar coated OG Kush skunk funk.  Really a wonderful improvement while retaining all the desirables. This female was BX’d to the Original Zkittles female mother resulting in mostly all Zkittles dominant phenotypes with a much improved growth pattern and most importantly, POTENCY! The resin now has a remarkably sticky texture to it making it hard to even pack a bowl or roll a joint.

**Zkittles x Moonbow (Zkittles x Dosidos))**

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