Lemon Chiesel (Oregon Lemon Diesel x Exodus Cheese Bx1) 10+ REGS


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Lineage: Oregon Lemon Diesel x Exodus Cheese Bx1

Parental info:

Mom: (Oregon) Lemon Diesel is a fast blooming lady that is a breeze to grow and absolutely stunning in extracts. Smells/flavors of her terpenes carry over to the offspring as well as her rapid flower time.

Dad: This male was made using a skunk #1 in conjunction with the legendary the exodus cheese. The selected male was then backcrossed to the Cheese mom. This male stabilizes everything he touches and tames the wildest genes while passing on a dank cheese stank. Definitely a gem in his own right!

Category: Type 1

 THC:  18-25% 

 CBD: 0-.5%

Terpenes; 2+%

 Environment(s): Indoor/Outdoor/Greenhouse

 Stretch:  .5-1x

 Bloom time: 7-8weeks, mid/end of September outdoors

 Top Terpenes: Beta-Myrcene, Limonene, Linalool, Alpha-pinene

 Description:  Lemon Chiesel is pure nostalgic essence of lemons, grapefruit, diesel and cheese, and keeps you coming back for more! Good yielding, fast maturing plants make this ideal for beginner growers, indoors or out. Expect stocky plants with manageable stretch and hearty branching, which help minimize training and staking. Get some lemon cheesy gas into your life with this lovely specimen.


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