Code Blue (San Diego Cat Piss x Face Off OG BX1) 12 Pack REGS


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Flowering Time: 67 – 72 days

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A seldom seen but important old school “building block” type of strain, the San Diego Cat Piss, is a grower’s dream. Heavy Yields of absolutely stunning looking, smelling, and tasty plants are a guarantee. Smells will range from old school, great tasting skunky kush/hashplant aromas to the heavier ammonia skunky phenotypes that will be difficult to handle. The Cat Piss mother exhibits extremely frosty and large bud formations with a unique “curl” to the leaves that are covered in trichomes. If you’re looking for the plants like the Cat Piss momma, look for that leaf curl, stockier well-branched plants, and early resin formation!

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