California Snow Auto 5 FEMS


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Not quite apple pie more like candy sweet. These frosty buds are reminiscent of apple drops. Very easy on the throat and the novel skunk-apple-citrus flavour is never tiresome to toke.

Top-Heavy Colas.

Grows to 80-130cm tall with wide internodal spacing and few side branches. By week 9 mature plants are ready for harvest. Aside from a stake to hold up a wobbly overweight main stem these weed trees need no special care.

Indoors, she’s a more manageable sativa in a standard 2m vertical grow space. But it’s outdoors where this strain really shines and outperforms the competition. Impressive harvests even during short summers.

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Shimmering iced out swollen colas. Blizzard buds straight out of a polar vortex.
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